Our Mission

À La Carte Machine Learning

Our Purpose

Deliver Machine Learning to production by offering à la carte services. We bring the latest model development and deployment innovations to businesses of any size. Choose one or more services to accelerate any machine learning project across the finish line.

Who We Are

We’re founded by Big-Tech stand-outs who ventured into Big-Four consulting. Our expertise was matured managing data science projects at an Enterprise scale serving customers in a variety of industries. We are hyper-focussed on machine learning model lifecycles ready for production.

How We Succeed

Every project has unique organizational and technical challenges requiring careful analysis when assembling a winning game-plan with the “right” players. Our project teams are assembled with a role-based focus using formulas matured building mission-critical applications at scale. Each team member has industry proven expertise and a self-driven enthusiasm. We create small teams having optimal impact focussed on mission success. Highly specialized teams are the foundation for building the future while reducing costs.

How We Work

We operate using methodologies developed by the most innovative companies in the world. Complex projects are simplified using repeatable stages and setting clear expectations. Project management methodologies effectively plan, monitor and demonstrate concrete delivery stages for our customers.