Corinne Schlachter


Corinne is a distinguished Data Scientist and Engineer, currently making waves at the forefront of data-driven product development as a Co-Founder and Principal Data Scientist at bixod. She combines comprehensive team management, analysis, and engineering background with a proven track record of innovative problem-solving and strategic business improvements.

Corinne’s career is marked by a series of progressive roles where she has harnessed the transformative power of data to drive decision-making and operational excellence. At bixod, she leads by example, overseeing the development, testing, and deployment of sophisticated cloud-based data applications for top-tier Fortune companies. Her tenure with EY as a Manager in Tech Consulting for Data Science further underscores her expertise. There, she spearheaded initiatives around model automation and enhanced cross-departmental collaboration by demonstrating the vast potential of accessible and well-understood data.

Before her management role at EY, Corinne’s strategic input as a Senior Data Scientist at 84.51° significantly boosted online engagement for a Fortune 500 grocer, thanks to her development of real-time recommendation systems. Her early career at Ahalogy saw her innovating in content recommendations, where she harnessed her formidable skills in NLP and machine learning to predict content virality on Pinterest.

An eloquent speaker, Corinne has shared her knowledge and insights at conferences across the United States. Her educational foundation is as robust as her professional one, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Corinne is a force of nature in the data science world, a mentor to her colleagues, and a visionary in technological applications within the business sphere. Whether it be project management or developing algorithms that fuel enterprise growth, Corinne’s contributions to the field are not just transformative; they’re defining the future of how businesses interact with data.

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