Gregory Langlais


It all started in his teenage years while writing programs on Texas Instruments calculators, building websites, and eventually creating small desktop applications. Greg walked away from Computer Science scholarships to instead attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in pursuit of a lifelong dream to enlist as a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. The Universe had another plan, and he quickly found during flight training that his passion for building computer systems had no equal. He started taking computer science courses and writing software from sunrise to sunset. Greg founded a small web development business with a classmate and offered software services to advertising agencies, finance businesses, and small to medium-sized businesses.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences in Aeronautical Science and a minor in Air Traffic Management, with a Pilot’s license, Greg returned to his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts to nurture his career in software engineering. He continued his software consulting business serving clients like Harvard Business School and major brands with increasingly complicated architectures. To diversify his experience Greg accepted a Senior Software Engineer role that found him leading projects for a top advertising agency with conspicuous clients like the Department of Defense, Google, Timberland, Fage, and more. His desire for increasingly difficult software challenges subsequently led him to join an MIT startup acquired by Rakuten, a top global e-commerce company. Starting as a Senior Engineer, Greg quickly became an R&D Team Lead tasked with the most difficult and high-profile architecture challenges within the business. At Rakuten, Greg was invited to speak at the most prestigious tech conference in Japan, led software hiring initiatives, architected greenfield multi-tenant platform services offered to Fortune 100 businesses, and was offered the role of Principal Engineer and the opportunity to expand Rakuten’s reach to South Florida by founding a new office.

Greg’s entrepreneurial spirit was restless leading him to accept a Vice President of Engineering role for a mid-size Silicon Valley social network and eventually Co-Founding an online advertising business. Through these experiences and ventures, Greg eventually found himself returning to his software roots by consulting with businesses desiring large-scale Service Oriented Architectures, Advanced Analytics, or strategic modernization of existing architectures. Greg’s experience consulting has led to over a decade in event-driven architecture design, implementation, and research. Dozens of projects later Greg Co-Founded bixod around the mission to bring advanced Big-Tech solutions to large Enterprise businesses. When he’s not designing software architectures for Enterprise businesses, Greg is contributing to open-source, practicing electrical engineering, fabricating motorcycles, experimenting with photography, exploring the oceans, and pursuing aviation as a pilot engineer.

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