We Are Ramping Up Generative AI Efforts

Published:  July 22, 2023
Authors:  Gregory Langlais

As bixod continues to pioneer the integration of artificial intelligence in technology consulting, we are thrilled to announce our commitment to an ambitious Generative AI Training Program set to unfold over the course of 2024.

Investing in Human-AI Collaboration

Every quarter, bixod’s leaders will engage in advanced training sessions focused on the latest developments in generative AI. This initiative reflects our belief in the transformative power of AI as a tool that works best in tandem with human expertise. These quarterly training programs will ensure that our team remains at the forefront of AI technology, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation. The curriculum will cover a variety of topics from natural language processing and automation, to AI ethics and governance.

Empowering Our Workforce

By equipping our workforce with cutting-edge AI skills, bixod is not just investing in technology—we are investing in people. Our team members will gain invaluable insights into generative AI’s potential, empowering them to create innovative solutions for our clients. It is our goal to ease adoption of disruptive innovations while reducing cost and preventing churn. Our pledge to industry expertise is not just a quarterly initiative, it’s a daily routine.