Generative AI Built A Consulting Directory In Hours

Published:  January 23, 2024
Authors:  Gregory Langlais

Today we have showcased our commitment to AI by unveiling TheFirmDex, an online directory of technology consulting firms. The website and content were crafted entirely by OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model. This exemplifies a new frontier in AI-assisted rapid development, with the site being conceptualized, built, and deployed in just hours.

A New Benchmark in AI Utilization

TheFirmDex stands as a practical demonstration of the capabilities of GPT-4 in web development. The bixod team efficiently setup full CI/CD pipelines and cloud hosting while tasking GPT-4 with scripting and content generation.

The project work accomplished by GPT-4 included:

  • Constructing Hugo static site theme using HTML and CSS.
  • Generating list of consulting firms using JSON.
  • Generating a script to retrieve details about consulting firms using Python and HTTPS/REST.
  • Generating content pages for each consulting firm using Markdown.

Efficiency Meets Innovation

The swift creation and launch of TheFirmDex is a proof of concept for how AI can be leveraged to solve complex technological challenges quickly. This approach to building technical solutions paves the way for businesses to adopt AI for enhanced operational efficiency. AI empowers production of highly-technical products with fractions of the upfront cost. GPT-4 can be used for countless applications including generating code to build better models. Innovation holds no bounds in the golden age of AI aided product development.